‘Uchronia’ is a term that was invented by French philosopher Charles Renouvier in 1857 when he imagined what would had happened if the Roman Empire had never become Christian.

Imagining alternate (Am. Engl. ) or alternative (Br. Engl.) history is still quite popular. For example, have you watched the series (or read the novel) The Man in the High Castle? What do you think it is about? Watch the trailer and you will know:

You’re right! It explores what the world would be like now if Germany and Japan had won World War II.

Here you will read a story called ‘Election Day’, by Harry Turtledove. It imagines different results for the USA in 2016. To help you with the words you don’t understand, you can go to Wordreference or The Free Dictionary.

Now it’s your turn to play with history. Write a comment below this post (write inside the white box under ‘Leave a Reply’) saying in one or two sentences what would have happened or what would happen now if something in the past had been different. I’ll begin:

If America had not been discovered, we wouldn’t eat potatoes today in Europe.


  • To express something you imagine in the past and a consequence you imagine in the present: If+ past perfect, would/wouldn’t + present.

If my brother had accepted that job, he would be rich now.

  • To express something you imagine in the past and a consequence you imagine in the past too: If+ past perfect, would/ wouldn’t+ present perfect.

If I had studied more, I would have passed.

Here are some ideas (but you can use your own!):

  • If my parents had never met,…
  • If the European Union had never existed,…
  • If Karl Benz hadn’t invented cars,…
  • If the British had not invaded Gibraltar,…
  • If Juan Carlos and Sofía had only had daughters,…
  • If Americans hadn’t landed on the Moon,…
  • If Fleming had not discovered penicillin, …

If you’re into this, you can also watch the TV series Timeless with English subtitles.

The deadline is May 5th!

44 replies on “Uchronia”

Thank you for your contribution, Patricia!! You’re absolutely right! And what’s more… it would be quieter and less polluted 🙁

Thank you for your contribution, Eugenio! Right! If it hadn’t happened, we wouldn’t be learning English 😉

Thanks for your post, Carmen! Sure! We would be having normal classes and we would have met face to face 🙁

If I had not studied in Granada, I wouldn’t have met my husband so, I would not live here and I would not have my daugthers. Or yes ?

Thank you for your comment, Eva! Who knows? We’ll never know what would have happened if things had taken place differently. That’s the mystery of life!

If British Empire hadn’t spread English through its colonies, English wouldn’t have become a global language. Maybe, we would learn French as a second language.

If Sergio Ramos hadn’t scored in the last minute of the champions leage final, Atlético de Madrid would have won the Champions leage Cup. 😥😥😥

If Europe had really invested in African people’s education and training, they would have better opportunities now. Also, if the United States and other countries had contributed to this, they would have got more resources for their own development.

If Colon hadn´t discoveres America, we wouldn´t have eaten chocolate.
If I hadn´t eaten chocolate during this quarantine, I wouldn´t have survived this confinement.

Thanks for your comment, Mª Inmaculada! Totally agree with you, hehe!! What could we do without chocolate in our lives??

If there had not been this alarm situation, today ,I would be flying to France with my family and friends so, we would visit Paris and then, we would go to Disneyland therefore ,we would not be confined in our houses, without physical contact with others people.

If electricity had not been invented, we wouldn’t be able to watch TV, I wouldn’t be able to curl my hair and also talk on the home phone.

If Hitler hadn’t been born, World War II wouldn’t have happened and we wouldn’t have known it was the Holocaust.

If Arabs hadn’t conquered Spain, many cities would have been named differently.

Thank you for your contribution, Belén! You’re right! Events that happened in the past are part of our history and have made things to be the way they are now.

If we had taken care more of public health, we would be in better

condiciones to face this health crisis.

Thanks for your comment, Marisa! So sad we have to regret not having done that before… 🙁 🙁

If in Spain Clara Campoamor hadn’t fought for women’s suffrage ,the Spanish women couldn’t have voted in any presidential or legislative elections. When I vote, I always think of you. Great works endure over time.

Thank you for your contribution, Luz! That’s great! It was actually a crucial move for women. 😀

If Henrietta Lacks’s tumor cells hadn’t been usted forma research,cancer treatment wouldn’t have devoloped so fast.

If John Logie Baird hadn’t ingentes TV , people wouldn’t have has the possibility to enjoy watching films,series or being informed about the news.

Sorry,it’s the autocorrector!
If Henrietta Lacks’ tumor cells hadn’t been usted for research,cancer tretment wouldn’t have devoloped so fast.
If John Logiie Baird hadn’t invented TV ,people wouldn’t have has the possibility to enjoy watching films,series or being informed about the news.

Sorry, again!
If Henrietta Lacks’ tumor cells hadn’t been used for research, cancer treatment wouldn’t have developed so fast.

If John Logie Baird hadn’t invented TV, people wouldn’t have had the possibility to enjoy watching films,series or being informed about the news.

If Neanderthal People hadn’t existed, we wouldn’t have blue eyes or Red hair.
If J.K.Rowling hadn’t wrote Harry Potter, many children wouldn’t started to read.

If the lockdown caused by Covid-19 had never happened, people wouldn’t realise that changing global warming is possible if all of us contribute to it, so if government had taken measures time ago, we would have had less ecological problems.

If the British had not invaded Gibraltar, Algeciras wouldn’t have risen from the ashes.

If Napoleon Bonaparte had not been defeated in the Battle of Waterloo, the map of Europe would have been very different.

Generally speaking, if the wheel hadn’t been invented for driving around……
Humans, wouldn’t have had the pleasure of traveling. However, on the other hand, currently, they wouldn’t have so many problems, such as: being overweight, having heart attacks and other kinds of illnesses. Since they would be doing a lot more exercise.

Thank you for your comment, Paqui! Sure! What you mention is a reality that is crystal clear. Life would have been and would be different nowadays!

If european colonization hadn’t happened, pehaps Africa would have discovered or developed an efficient alternative energy that reduces global pollution.

If I hadn’t been born here, I would have visited Cadiz many times.

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